Stress and Anxiety



Are you finally ready to Live the Life you want, the Way you want, by your Standards and Definitions?

Is there something in your life that you want or something you would like to change?



“My beliefs and blocks related to money were holding me back. Lana led me through a process that was simple, yet effective, and working with her was a real pleasure. The method she uses is a refreshing change from others. No longer encumbered by those stories that defined my past, I definitely feel a difference and am seeing great results already!”

Carol A. Pollio, Ph.D.,




In our your guided sessions we will show you step-by-step how to break through stress patterns, quickly and easily release stored emotions and fears that hold you back and finally allow you to experience true happiness and freedom.

Letting go of the past and getting the skills you need for the future you want is not always easy. Our process is so easy, it feels like a game.

This unique model combines Holographic Memory Resolution, Hypnosis, and Neuro-linguistic Programming to create super simple techniques that create powerful change, simply and easily, according to your own desires and goals.

We can show you the fastest, simplest and most direct route to get everything you want in life the way you want it… Starting today.

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Lana can help you…

  • Reduce Or Eliminate Stress In Your Life
  • Free Yourself From Emotional Pain/Suffering Due To Anger and Guilt
  • Instantly Improve in Sales, on Stage, or at Sports
  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • Dissolve Money Blocks
  • Overcome A Crippling Fear or Feelings of Not Good Enough
  • No More Fear of Public Speaking
  • Release Your Sexuality
  • Stop All Addictive Behaviors
  • Stop Attracting the Wrong Romantic Partner
  • Let Go Of The Past
  • Remove Bad Habits (Such As Nail Biting)
  • Overcome Difficult Memories
  • Finally Forgive Yourself And Others For Mistakes Of The Past
  • Be the Best Version of YOU quickly and easily

It’s time you got back in the driver’s seat of your LIFE, starting now.

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Change your mindset

Kick Your Limiting Beliefs Out The Door

So many of us have tried for years to remove the Limiting Beliefs that hold us back–using tapping, meditation, and energy work. And still they persist. Well, not any more. Our cutting-edge methods solve, dissolve, and resolve limiting beliefs once and for all.

Sally K Harvey


“I began working with Lana to deal with reoccurring negative thoughts. The process was fun, creative and very enjoyable. Since our session I have felt more freedom mentally and emotionally than ever before! I highly recommend working with Lana.”
Sally K. Harvey, Sally K. Harvey Simply Wellness





In just a few sessions (as few as 3) we can kick those lies right out of your mind.

  • Kick Limiting Beliefs Out Once and For All
  • Leave Your Family Mythology Behind
  • Bust through Money Blocks
  • No More Feelings of Not Good Enough
  • End Fear of Public Speaking
  • Break Harmful Relationship Patterns
  • Unlock Your Sexuality
  • Get Back In Touch with Who You Truly Are

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Go to the Head of the Class whether you are in Sales, on Stage, in Sports, in the Boardroom or in the Bedroom

Once you eliminate things that hold you back, you can add the things you want. Become a Gold Medalist in your chosen field, according to your goals and desires.



“Lana took me to a very deep place in my session with her. I worked through some big  core issues around relationships. I now feel confident that I can attract a person who is right for me without repeating patterns from the past. She made the process safe and fun.
Randy Peyser, Author One Stop



Want more sales? More wins? Want to be a Rock Star in the bedroom? Well, now you can…

  • See Improvement quickly and easily
  • Feel like a pro and act like one too
  • Become a Natural at Sales
  • Take your Stage Presence to the next level
  • Unleash your sexuality
  • Come out of your shell and into the limelight
  • Astonish Your Colleagues
  • Delight your Partner… and yourself

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Open to Your Intuitive Gifts gently and easily by releasing your Negative Energies and Doubts once and for all

Have you always had that special knowing, for no apparent reason? If you’d like to explore and expand your gifts, the same simple process works great.

Capt Tim Skiba



“I’ve always had intuitive feelings but never got clear about how to use them. I was always holding back and second guessing myself. Lana helped me tune in and learn to trust myself. It felt like child’s play, but I truly got the results I wanted.” 
Capt. Tim Skiba, Performance Enhancement 4 Life




Maybe you’ve been trying to manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction and you’ve seen little success. Lana can help you get clear and bring your subconscious on board with your wishes and desires, so you can start manifesting right away.

  • Gently relax into your inner knowing
  • Begin to trust yourself more and more with every passing day
  • Simply and easily get clear on what you really want
  • Learn how to Manifest your desires and your expectations
  • With every breath you take, it just gets better and better

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How It Works…

Lana McAra, CH, helps her clients get Less of what they don’t want, and More of what they do want using the Identity by Design model created by David Snyder. This unique model combines hypnosis, NLP, and Holographic Memory Resolution [HMR] to create super simple techniques that create powerful change, simply and easily, according to your own desires and goals.

You decide what you want, and Lana helps you get that.

Join Lana for live sessions if you are near the Delaware Beaches, join her for virtual sessions if you live out of the area. Every new client gets a free 30-minute consultation to evaluate whether this method will work for you.

Once you are cleared to work with Lana, you’re on your way to creating your Best Life, according to your own design. Yes! This is all about YOU.

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