wound recoveryWhen we’ve been wounded through wrongdoing or loss, our natural response is to hold the energy of that wound close to us, nursing the pain and protecting it like we would a child. In that situation, it might seem like forgiveness would be allowing the culprit to get away free, as though our pain is some sort of punishment for that person. If it’s loss that has hurt us, closure often seems like letting go of someone we love.

But that’s a misconception.

Releasing the pain is the root of forgiveness and closure. It’s the beginning of freedom. Releasing the pain means releasing the negative energy around that happening. It does not mean that we forget what happened. It does not mean that we embrace that hurtful person in a way that will let them hurt us again and again. It does not mean we forget our lost loved one. Not at all.

It does mean opening up to a new perception—taking a helicopter view of what happened and seeing the scene from the different viewpoint.

It means we become an observer.

Think of it this way. Let’s imagine a rattlesnake, coiled and shaking its tail. Its head is raised and its mouth is open. You can look at that rattlesnake in 2 different ways.

First, from the viewpoint of a hiker on a trail who stumbles upon the rattlesnake. There they stand, eye to eye. The hiker’s adrenaline spikes, his emotions are engaged, his thoughts race, and he begins to sweat. He is personally involved and his fight-or-flight response is in full bloom.

Let’s switch to another scenario.

This time the rattlesnake is still coiled and shaking its tail. Its head is raised and its mouth is open. But the person watching is in a zoo and the rattlesnake is behind a pane of glass. This time the person is only an observer—calm, curious, thoughtful. He is watching but he is not engaged with the rattlesnake. His lizard brain remains at rest.

What’s the difference? A pane of glass.

Through intention, you can put down your “glass,” which is a symbol of your energetic shield. Imagine a pane of glass lowering around you, blocking the negative energy spikes and giving you the freedom to observe, breathe in a long slow breath, and continue your day in your own calm energy. This takes away the sting and brings you to a whole new perspective when these challenging events happen.

It’s so simple. Breathe in and say “Shield down.” Imagine that pane of glass lowering from the heavens—thick tempered glass that can never be penetrated. And there you are. Safe and calm.

“Shield down” is all it takes when you bring your intention into play. Pull out some yellow sticky notes and remind yourself of that simple phrase until it comes to mind automatically. “Shield down.” This one truth will change your relationships, your mindset, and your life.


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