Lana McAra

Loneliness or Solitude: What makes the difference?

Being alone is often seen as a terrible circumstance. Yet, some people are extolled for living on a mountain top for 60 years… in seclusion. In today’s world, we meditate in solitude and enjoy quiet moments in total stillness. Or at least we dream about doing it. The fast-paced modern lifestyle chatters in our ears […]


Vicarious Grief: Allowing the choices of others to cause us pain

We’ve all experienced it. The phone rings and we learn that someone we care about has made a choice that is a sure recipe for trouble. They choose a romantic partner who will cause them heartache. They quit a great job in favor of a risky venture. They get into personality drama that will only […]

wound recovery

Forgiveness and Closure: Putting down your glass

When we’ve been wounded through wrongdoing or loss, our natural response is to hold the energy of that wound close to us, nursing the pain and protecting it like we would a child. In that situation, it might seem like forgiveness would be allowing the culprit to get away free, as though our pain is […]