Lana McAra helps her clients relieve stress in your body and your mind. When you feel stressed, your body holds tension  in specific areas, like your shoulders and neck, but also some places where you might not be aware. 

With a few simple techniques, you can quickly ask your body where the stress is and easily access and dissolve that tension.

Lana also prepares her clients for dental and other medical procedures with pre-op and post-op help with pain and speeding the healing process with less discomfort. Migraines, old injury pain that won’t go away, chronic fatigue symptoms, PMS and menstrual pain, and much more. If you hurt and can’t get help, she might be able to help you find relief.

These easy techniques are based on recent neuroscience discoveries which in most cases effectively relieves the everyday stress you feel from long hours at your desk and interactions with those around you as well as body pain that lingers.

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Meet Lana

Lana McAra is a Certified Medical Hypnotist with emphasis on reducing discomfort and stress. She helps her clients find relief as well as creating positive self-talk, healthier self-image, and enhanced motivation. She received her certifications from the San Diego Institute of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Health.

Lana is a best-selling, award-winning author of 20 published titles with more than half a million books sold, writing under the pseudonym Rosey Dow. Winner of the national Christy Award, she is also a digital marketing specialist with more than 12 years’ experience in the field. Lana has shared speaking platforms with Fabienne Fredrickson, Suzanne Falter Barnes, and Janet Bray Attwood. Dell® has quoted Lana in their marketing materials.



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